Experiencing splendid yurt vacation in a remote place

Experiencing Splendid Yurt Vacation in a Remote Place

Are you tired of the typical hotel or resort vacations? Do you crave a unique and immersive experience in nature? Look no further than a yurt vacation in a remote location. This alternative form of accommodation offers a splendid and unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure and tranquility.

What is a Yurt?

A yurt is a traditional dwelling that originated in Central Asia. It is a portable, circular tent-like structure made of a wooden frame and covered with felt or other weather-resistant materials. Yurts have been used by nomadic tribes for centuries, providing them with a comfortable and practical living space.

In recent years, yurts have gained popularity as a unique form of accommodation for travelers seeking a different kind of vacation experience. These modern yurts are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, while still maintaining the essence of the traditional structure.

Why Choose a Yurt Vacation?

There are several reasons why a yurt vacation is a great choice for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life:

  • Immersive Nature Experience: Yurts are often located in remote and picturesque settings, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature. Wake up to stunning views, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings.
  • Unique Accommodation: Staying in a yurt is a departure from the ordinary. You’ll have the chance to experience a different way of living, while still enjoying modern amenities and comforts.
  • Privacy and Seclusion: Yurts are typically situated in secluded areas, offering privacy and a sense of solitude. You can truly disconnect from the outside world and enjoy a peaceful retreat.
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Yurts are often built with eco-friendly materials and designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint, a yurt vacation is a sustainable choice.
  • Affordability: Yurt vacations can be more affordable compared to traditional hotels or resorts. This makes them a great option for budget-conscious travelers who still want a unique and memorable experience.
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Choosing the Right Location

When planning a yurt vacation, it’s important to choose the right location that suits your preferences and interests. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Scenic Beauty: Look for yurts located in areas known for their natural beauty, such as national parks, mountains, or coastal regions. This will ensure breathtaking views and a truly immersive experience.
  • Activities and Attractions: Consider what activities and attractions are available in the area. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, wildlife spotting, or simply relaxing in nature, choose a location that offers the experiences you desire.
  • Accessibility: Determine how accessible the yurt location is. If you prefer a remote and secluded experience, you may need to be prepared for a longer journey or limited amenities. On the other hand, if you prefer convenience and easy access to amenities, look for yurts located closer to towns or cities.
  • Climate and Season: Take into account the climate and season of the location you’re considering. Some yurts may be available year-round, while others may be seasonal. Consider whether you prefer a cozy winter retreat or a summer adventure.

What to Expect During Your Yurt Vacation

During your yurt vacation, you can expect a unique and comfortable experience. While each yurt may vary in terms of amenities and design, here are some common features:

  • Spacious Living Area: Yurts are known for their spacious interiors, providing ample room for relaxation and socializing. The circular design creates an open and inviting atmosphere.
  • Comfortable Furnishings: Yurts are typically furnished with comfortable beds, seating areas, and dining spaces. Some may even include kitchenettes or private bathrooms.
  • Natural Light and Ventilation: Yurts often have large windows or skylights, allowing natural light to fill the space. This creates a pleasant and airy environment.
  • Heating and Cooling: Depending on the location and climate, yurts may be equipped with heating or cooling systems to ensure comfort throughout the year.
  • Outdoor Space: Many yurts come with outdoor seating areas or decks, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding nature and soak up the views.
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Tips for a Memorable Yurt Vacation

To make the most of your yurt vacation, consider the following tips:

  • Pack Appropriately: Depending on the location and season, pack appropriate clothing and gear. Be prepared for different weather conditions and outdoor activities.
  • Bring Supplies: As yurts are often located in remote areas, it’s a good idea to bring your own food, drinks, and other supplies. Check with the yurt provider beforehand to see what amenities are available.
  • Disconnect and Unplug: Take advantage of the opportunity to disconnect from technology and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Embrace the slower pace and use this time to relax and recharge.
  • Explore the Surroundings: Make the most of your yurt vacation by exploring the surrounding area. Go for hikes, visit local attractions, or simply take leisurely walks to discover the beauty of the natural surroundings.
  • Respect the Environment: When staying in a yurt, it’s important to respect the environment and leave no trace. Follow any guidelines provided by the yurt provider and practice responsible tourism.


A yurt vacation in a remote place offers a splendid and unique experience for those seeking adventure, tranquility, and a deeper connection with nature. With their comfortable interiors, stunning locations, and eco-friendly design, yurts provide an alternative form of accommodation that is both immersive and sustainable. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a solo retreat, a yurt vacation is sure to leave you with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.